Saturday, August 27, 2011


So many people to thank, first my parents, my brothers Jim and Randy and their wives, Karen and Bev, Anna G for a logo design I will eventually use on some stickers and maybe t-shirts, but I digress, thanks to Shaker Dan and Ronnie Zap without who I never could have redone this location,(also Dustin and Tyler) Mike B and Tristen, Mark S for painting and finding this location, Nanos and Marsha, the Wieses and Roger, Baby T and Jamie for the carpet, Larry from Trade-a-tape, Stu from Recycled Sounds, Jada Ray, Angie (AA), Justin for dealing with windstream, Trevor from Canine Consultant, Jessie from Sunny's Boutique (I hope that's right} and everyone else who gave me encouragement. I'm sure I left someone out, I'm sorry for that. Oh, also for the people at Drastic Plastic and Saddlecreek for putting up with a computer moron. And another thank you to Mike B or else I couldn't do this blog. Later and remember , VINYL RULES!! P.S. I almost forgot Jimmy.

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