Thursday, September 15, 2011

candye kane

saw candye kane at an early zoo bar show on tuesday. man that woman can sing. good crowd and she sounded great. still a healthy looking woman despite losing weight in her battle with cancer which i hear has returned. let's hope she beats it again. did new songs and old favorites like 200 lbs. of fun and encored with masturbation blues which she said was her most downloaded song on itunes.


had a visit last saturday from an old friend, jon baker. bake used to work for the old dirt cheap and was also involved with project records. also was in the gladstones, a great local band. it was great to see him and he came bearing gifts. thanks, jon

Saturday, September 10, 2011

bon iver

went to bon iver at the stir cove in c.b. great show, had a good time. good crowd. you know it's a good crowd when most people are listening during the quiet moments and not talking. he had a full band, horn players, violin, a couple percussionists. did 2 songs for an encore, said that was all they had and thanked the crowd. up next for me is candye kane at the zoo bar for an early tuesday show. haven't seen her in years but that woman can sing. years ago when i worked for twisters she did an instore downtown and sang without a band or mic and was amazing. i thought she might be a gimmick because of her past but she is the real deal. l. kent wrote about her in friday's ground zero and i guess she's had a relapse in her fight with cancer but she's still going strong. so if you've never seen her do yourself a favor and go see her. you'll see a great show and support her at the same time.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

pains of being pure at heart

pulled the trigger last nite and ordered pains of being pure at heart tix. one of my favorite newer bands they will be in lawrence, kansas at the bottleneck on oct. 13th. looking forward to it. also gonna try to catch bon iver in council bluffs at the casino on thursday. haven't been a big fan but their stuff has really grown on me lately and i would like to see em.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

dr. dark

just had a great surprise visit from doug lawson, aka dr. dark. doug used to order imports for the old dirt cheap record store 25 - 30 yrs ago and turned me onto some great music. i own the factory sampler, double 7 inch, thanks to doug. he told me to buy it and i asked him what was it and he said just buy it and i did. that kind of thing happened all the time. he's also a great guitarist and played in fever blister with preston click among other bands. i remember seeing him at a snakefinger show at the drumstick and he was running around with this big grin on his face like a little kid because snakefinger had some former beefheart members in his band and doug is a huge beefheart fan . great to see you doug and i hope it's not another 15 or 20 years before i see you again.

Friday, September 2, 2011

surprise left and domestica

last week at the zoo bar saw surprise left and domestica ( sorry lepers we had to leave) and really had a good time. i hate labels but i guess they're post post punk. it might have been surprise left's first show but you wouldn't have known it as they were really good. domestica really rocked and you have to love their intensity. i would highly recommend both bands, so if you have a chance go see them.

earlier summer shows

dave alvin and brave combo put on a great night of music at the zoo bar outdoor anniversary show. had a great time. it seemed like dave was honestly taken aback when the crowd sang along with marie marie. i guess he later said that had never happened before. also the dale watson show at the zoo bar this past summer was a blast and he did sweet jenny brown for me. belairs had a usual great tho early show and i saw the tijuana gigolos play to a packed house also at the zoo. mezcal bros did a fun show outdoors at the park off 17th street whose name i'm drawing a blank on which is bad as that's my neighorhood. it's hell getting old.