Saturday, September 10, 2011

bon iver

went to bon iver at the stir cove in c.b. great show, had a good time. good crowd. you know it's a good crowd when most people are listening during the quiet moments and not talking. he had a full band, horn players, violin, a couple percussionists. did 2 songs for an encore, said that was all they had and thanked the crowd. up next for me is candye kane at the zoo bar for an early tuesday show. haven't seen her in years but that woman can sing. years ago when i worked for twisters she did an instore downtown and sang without a band or mic and was amazing. i thought she might be a gimmick because of her past but she is the real deal. l. kent wrote about her in friday's ground zero and i guess she's had a relapse in her fight with cancer but she's still going strong. so if you've never seen her do yourself a favor and go see her. you'll see a great show and support her at the same time.

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