Saturday, September 3, 2011

dr. dark

just had a great surprise visit from doug lawson, aka dr. dark. doug used to order imports for the old dirt cheap record store 25 - 30 yrs ago and turned me onto some great music. i own the factory sampler, double 7 inch, thanks to doug. he told me to buy it and i asked him what was it and he said just buy it and i did. that kind of thing happened all the time. he's also a great guitarist and played in fever blister with preston click among other bands. i remember seeing him at a snakefinger show at the drumstick and he was running around with this big grin on his face like a little kid because snakefinger had some former beefheart members in his band and doug is a huge beefheart fan . great to see you doug and i hope it's not another 15 or 20 years before i see you again.

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