Thursday, November 17, 2011

once a pawn

Mike, from Once A Pawn, the local band just dropped off copies of their cd "in this house". I've been listening to it and it sounds really good. They will be playing the Friday after thanksgiving, the 25th, at Knickerbockers with For Edward and Lollipop Factory.

self-righteous brothers

Sorry, I've been neglecting my blog, I'm still not used to getting on the computer all the time. Few weeks ago I saw the Self-Righteous Brothers at the zoo bar on Oct. 29th. Had a blast as i always do with those guys. They are so much fun. Las Vegas act crossed with Kiss. In fact I think they are Lincoln's Kiss. I believe they are playing the Zoo bar in new year's eve and if so i will make every effort to get there. Hopefully my designated driver, Jada Ray, can go because I refuse to deal with this town's pitiful excuse for a cab company. They don't want people to drink and drive, well, decent cab service would help a lot. I would go out more if I thought I could get a cab home late nite. Ok, I'll get off the soap box.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

more battleship gray

trevor from battleship gray posted some videos from their show here at lefty's on friday, oct. 28th, on youtube. i also posted one but i guess i spelled it wrong and posted it under battleship grey. trevor also has some other cool videos posted under factoryfan 23, you might want to check those out.