Wednesday, January 25, 2012

rip Dave Sink

Just heard that Dave Sink passed away. Dave ran the Antiquarium record store until 06' and was quite a guy. I didn't really know him well but always enjoyed going into his store (and still do) and talking music with him. The World-herald has a good article on him in todays paper and comments from Conor Oberst and others from the omaha music scene. Rest in peace, Dave.

Lydia Loveless

Saw Lydia Loveless last wednesday at Duffy's and really enjoyed her show. All the cliches apply that you might have heard, lyrics wise and well-traveled, for someone so young, (she's 21), and a big voice from someone so small ( I doubt she's 5 foot or 90 lbs.). She's kind of honky-tonk, little country, little of a punk edge. There was a good crowd and after she turned off her amp enough people yelled that she turned it back on and did 2 more songs by herself. (she had a stand-up bass player and a drummer for the show) Opening act, Amy Schmidt & gthe Restless Things, also put on a good show. I had the vinyl of her latest lp but sold it the next day. I will get more. (Lydia's lp not Amy's)

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

capitol punishment

bill jones dropped off some copies of the Capitol Punishment book. a great book that puts all the old capitol punishment fanzines together with additional text and photos covering the lincoln punk/indie scene from 1980-1984. a must have for any local music fan.