Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Lydia Loveless

Saw Lydia Loveless last wednesday at Duffy's and really enjoyed her show. All the cliches apply that you might have heard, lyrics wise and well-traveled, for someone so young, (she's 21), and a big voice from someone so small ( I doubt she's 5 foot or 90 lbs.). She's kind of honky-tonk, little country, little of a punk edge. There was a good crowd and after she turned off her amp enough people yelled that she turned it back on and did 2 more songs by herself. (she had a stand-up bass player and a drummer for the show) Opening act, Amy Schmidt & gthe Restless Things, also put on a good show. I had the vinyl of her latest lp but sold it the next day. I will get more. (Lydia's lp not Amy's)

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