Wednesday, May 23, 2012

ticket give-away: Scott H. Biram/Lydia Loveless

Bloodshot recording artists Scott H. Biram and Lydia Loveless are appearing at the Bourbon Theatre on Sunday , June 3rd, at 9:00 p.m.  Bloodshot says I can give away 2 tickets, so come in and drop your name in the box for a drawing.  You can also email me at and I'll enter you that way.  I will also be getting both of Scott Birams lps for sale with a bonus 45.  Hope to have those later this week as well as some other Bloodshot artists like Justin Towne Earle, Andre Williams, Alejandro Escovedo, Ryan Adams, and of course, Lydia Loveless.  Should be a great show.  I've seen Lydia Loveless and she was great and I've heard Scott Birams lps and he's a 1-man blues rock explosion.  See ya there!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

too many shows!

so many shows going on and i can't afford them all, have to pick and choose.   but if you like a band or performer and you have the chance go see them.  live music is great.  you never know when a band will break up or, unfortunately, someone will die.  i missed link wray at the zoo bar for a niece's graduation party and he died shortly after that.  i saw james brown at the casino a few months before he passed away.  lee "scratch" perry is coming to the bourbon and he's a reggae legend and in his 70's.  but i'm not sure it's in my budget and surprise left is playing that night for free at stransky park.  crosby, stills, and nash are getting up there and they'll be at the pinewood bowl in august, as will my morning jacket and band of horses, a great 2 band show.  really want to see the dum dum girls at the maha festival in omaha in august.  their last lp was one of my favorites from last year.  and sunday , the 27th of may, capitol punishment will have their volume 2 release party at the joyo.  many bands, past and present, will be there,  can't miss that.  others i'm looking forward to are debbie davies at the zoo bar on the 30th and dale watson at the zoo in early june.  lydia loveless is an opening act at the bourbon coming up, would like to see her again.  best coast, dirty beaches, on and on.

st. vincent

another great show!  it's that time of year.  st. vincent sold out the slowdown.  she put on a great show even without a bass player, what, you think you're the doors.  $5 guiness tall boys , yeah, i spelled it wrong.  shearwater opened up, liked some of their songs, not that familiar with them.  "you as you were" off the new lp sounded good.  st. vincent rocked on her little guitar.  (when her roadie , a big guy, was getting her guitar ready pre-show it looked like a toy)  her herky jerky solos are cool and her voice sounded great.  here's an idea for the saddle creek crew tho, open your store when there's a big show, you might sell something.

hank III

saw hank 3 at sokol in omaha.  he put on a great show as usual, just good beer drinking music.  place was packed, tho i think they were letting people from the hard rock show upstairs come down.  uncomfortably hot until i stumbled onto a ac vent.  after the honky tonk set he did a melvins/slow sabbath thing that was kind of cool.  he asked how many people were from lincoln and quite a few yelled out.  come back to lincoln, hank!  part of the fun of a hank 3 show is watching the crowd,  his fans range from country music fans to punk rockers to metal headers to indie types.

drums, craft spells, part time

Saw the drums, craft spells, and part time at the Waiting Room in omaha.  great show, all 3 bands were good,  good crowd and i liked the venue.  hadn't been in that building since seeing charlie burton there when it was the liffticket, probably in the 80's.   they've done a great job remodeling it.  i liked the size of it, not too big and not too small.  staff seemed to be on the ball also.   the drums, who at one time i thought were brit-pop, are actually from new york, tho i guess there is a florida connection also.  but they remind me of brit-pop.  craft spells, on the captured track label out of new york, reminded me of 80's pop, updated of course.  at the same time i was thinking of nick heyword a friend sitting next to me mentioned haircut 100.  part time, from san francisco, were poppy also, but in their own way.  their 1st lp is on mexican summer and they have a new one coming out later this summer.