Saturday, May 19, 2012

drums, craft spells, part time

Saw the drums, craft spells, and part time at the Waiting Room in omaha.  great show, all 3 bands were good,  good crowd and i liked the venue.  hadn't been in that building since seeing charlie burton there when it was the liffticket, probably in the 80's.   they've done a great job remodeling it.  i liked the size of it, not too big and not too small.  staff seemed to be on the ball also.   the drums, who at one time i thought were brit-pop, are actually from new york, tho i guess there is a florida connection also.  but they remind me of brit-pop.  craft spells, on the captured track label out of new york, reminded me of 80's pop, updated of course.  at the same time i was thinking of nick heyword a friend sitting next to me mentioned haircut 100.  part time, from san francisco, were poppy also, but in their own way.  their 1st lp is on mexican summer and they have a new one coming out later this summer.

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