Sunday, June 17, 2012

Capitol Punishment

    Just got in more of the Capitol Punishment book and Volume 1 of the cd compilation.  Also got a few of their T-shirts which sell for $10.  Volume 2 (cd compilation) is not done yet, should be coming in a month or 2.

     The show at the Joyo was a lot of fun and had a good crowd.  The Rebates sounded really good, I forgot how good a guitar player Stinky (Dave Wees) is.  And the rhythm section was spot on.  Also really enjoyed the Sacred Cows and Battleship Gray.  Which reminds me, I will have some Rebates T-shirts as soon as I can pick them up in Omaha, which I hope to Monday when I go to the cws.

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  1. What a coincidence my band was also called Capitol Punishment 1981-1995!