Sunday, June 17, 2012

Scott Biram & Lydia Loveless

    Had a good time at the Scott Biram and Lydia Loveless show in the Bourbon's front room.  Good crowd who seemed to really enjoy the show.  Lydia opened and it was just her on acoustic guitar and her bass player.  No drummer (her dad) this time.  She did a new song and a song off her first lp which she said has been re-issued (and which i guess she disavows).  She also did "Allison", the b-side of her record store day 7", written by Elvis Costello.   She's a lot of fun to see and I highly recommend you go see her if you get the chance, and pick up her lp, "Indestructible Machine".
     Scott Biram, a one man band,  was grabbing different guitars and pounding out a blues rock mix that got the crowd going.  With the only percussion being the amplified stomping of his feet, his cranked up guitar blasting away, he didn't need a band.  He was very engaging with the crowd and threw in humorous asides all thru the show, which i believe lasted a couple of hours.
      All in all a great one two show with 2 very entertaining acts.

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