Wednesday, July 18, 2012

a place to bury strangers

a place to bury strangers are coming back to the Bourbon this friday, the 20th.  It is an early show, 6:00 and there are 2 opening bands.  These guys kicked ass last time and it's great they're coming back.  bring your earplugs as they are the loudest band i've seen in a long time.  should be fun!


i finally got a facebook page for the store up and running.  actually 2 as the first one didn't seem to be coming up for some people so with the help of scott we added a second one.  facebook was no help.  so i have more on one page than the other.  there is a link from one to the other, if you're on one that doesn't have much, switch to the other one.  i will try to list new arrivals and such there.

Zoo Fest

Had a good time at zoofest as I usually do.  It was hot, tho a breeze picked up as the night went on.  Kinda strange seeing the bel-airs in daylight, but they were good as usual as were Brave Combo. Split lip Rayfield were really good also.  I had always heard that but had never seen them.  Wanted to walk over to the Bourbon and catch Universe Contest but i got drunk and forgot about them.  I've heard good things about them.  Wanted to catch Saturday's lineup also but between my hangover and the heat i never made it off my couch.  I've seen Candye Kane and she's great, but I've never seen the New Orleans Suspects and Goodfoot, both of which I've heard good things.