Sunday, August 12, 2012

Crosby, Stills and Nash

     Round 2 of Pinewood bowl shows for me.  Too old for 2 nites in a row but oh well.  I'll bitch first this time.  Half hour wait on Van Dorn St. trying to get in the place.  At the Coddington/Van Dorn intersection the police officers were letting what looked like equal # of cars go from each street when the back-up on van Dorn was like a mile and there was almost no back-up on coddington, i don't know, maybe they had to do it that way.  The band started as we were making our way to our seats.  Anyone standing in front of their seats were told to sit down and forget about dancing, you got exiled to some area in the trees.  Can't they have an area better for that?
     CSN sounded great when they rocked their old tunes.  The newer ones didn't do much for me.  Then they ran a bunch of mellow acoustic  songs in a row which i thought took some of the energy out of the crowd, but then again, i was kinda tired.  Crosby and Nash's voices sounded great, Stills was a little rough.  He only sang a couple songs, but he did some great guitar solos.  People don't realize what a good guitar player he is.  They did do "Almost Cut My hair", which is one of my favorites.  Only 1 encore song where they've been doing more at other shows this tour.  Why?  Traffic do move quickly out of the park for us but i heard it some people a while.  Also, the paper said 3,000 for My Morning Jacket and 3,500 for CSN but there seemed to be a bigger difference in number of people than that.

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