Sunday, August 12, 2012

My Morning Jacket/ Band of Horses

    My 1st show at the Pinewood Bowl since The Boys and the Outcats which I barely remember, probably in the early 80's.  Nice venue.  Band of Horses opened up and I have to say i own 2 of their lps and only 1 MMJ lp.  They sounded really good, i like that guys voice (He joined MMJ for 1 song).  I wish they could have played longer (less than an hour).  They did 2 songs from their upcoming lp tho i think they said 1 of those songs didn't make the lp.  MMJ put on a great show, i can see why they have a reputation as a great live band.  Jim James has an amazing voice, the band was hot and the light show was pretty cool.  They did a cool version of Elton john's "rocketman" also.
     I liked the general admission seating.  There were no seats down close so you could go back and forth and sit down for awhile if you wanted.  I also thought the sound was better farther back.  But otherwise can someone show those people how to put on an outdoor show?  Maybe the Zoo bar staff can go out there.  They had beer tents where you had to go in one end and exit the other or get yelled at.  Overstaffed and 1 person handed you your beverage and you paid someone else.  And 24 oz. beers for $10.  I don't mind paying $5 a beer at a special event but those big cans get warm unless you drink fast and at those prices they should give you the damn coozie.  And they were running out of beer midway thru the show.  And the news said they busted 30 some people for drinking outside the venue.  If they are being discreet, leave them alone.  Treat it like a home football game and only bust them if they're acting like jerks.  Hopefully they can get these things worked out because I think the venue has great potential.

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