Sunday, September 16, 2012

RIP Larry Boehmer

I didn't really know Larry Boehmer, former owner of the Zoo Bar. I first went to the Zoo in 77' or 78' (to see Charlie Burton) and by the 80's I was a regular, especially for FAC. So over the years we had a few brief conversations but mostly just exchanged greetings. But I had alot of great times there and saw many great bands, many famous performers. The bar has weathered some tuff times as their crowd grew older and bands started costing more. I saw Buddy Guy there twice (still one of the best guitarist I've ever seen live, maybe the best, tho Richard Thompson is right there) but his asking price went up as did many others. It is a credit to Larry and his staff that some bands still came there even tho they could make more elsewhere but they love the Zoo bar. I don't think alot of people realize the Zoo bar is one of the coolest in the state and in the country for that matter. David Lindley on Tuesday, always entertaining, i will be there and next Sunday there will be a special gathering to remember Larry.

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