Saturday, November 17, 2012

Black Friday Releases

Black Friday releases, special, limited releases just for independent record stores, that will be for sale Friday, 11/23, will include: Band of Horses 7" (2 songs not on latest lp, from the deluxe cd version, 2,000), re-issue of The Fabulous Johnny Cash lp (180 gram, mono, numbered, 3,000), Halleluju split 7", Jeff Buckley and Leonard Cohen,(4,000 printed), Miles Davis lp "Miles Ahead" (180 gram, mono, 5,000), Bob Dylan 7" "Duquesne Whistle/Meet Me In The Morning" (b-side is unreleased version from lp Blood on the Tracks, 5,000), 3 different Incubus lps, 180 gram, numbered,(3,000), Wanda Jackson 10" "Capitol Rarities" (6 tracks, 1st time on vinyl, 1,200), Shins 7" "No Way Down/Fall of 82'" (Swift sessions, different versions, 2,500), Tenacious D 12" "Simply Jazz" (the boys go jazz, 1,000), M83 Remixes (3,000), Mayhem "De Mystertis Dom Sathans" (2 lp re-issue of first full-length from Norwegian black metal band with poster, 1,000), Mad Season 12" (2,000), Rolling Stones 7" ep, reproduction of ep from 64', "Bye, Bye Johnny/Money/You'd Better Move On/Poison Ivy" (5,000), Velvet Underground & Nico lp (early, different recordings from 66',numbered, 5,000), Frank Zappa 7" "Why Don'Cha Do Me Right?/Big Leg Emma" (numbered, 3,000), Rockabye Lullaby Flaming Lips (lullaby versions for children, 2,000), Lucero 7" live at Sun Studios "I Want Your Love/Nights like These" (1,500), Love "Love Forever" lp (180 gram with bonus 7", 1,500), Lumineer "Winter Ep" (4 song ep, 4,000), Mogwai Remixes (2 lp, colored vinyl, download, remixes from "Hardcore Will Never Die",2,000), Joe Strummer Live lp (bootleg style sleeve, 2 lp,full live show where Mick Jones joined him, 1,800), Lee Hazelwood 7" box set (11 7" singles with picture sleeves, puzzle, 45 adapter, download, special box, 3,000), Asobi Seksu/ Boris split 7" (each doing the others songs with download, 925), Link Wray double 7" "Big City After Dark/Hold It/Dance Party Pts. 1 & 2", Gene Clark 7" "Echoes/I found You", 3 different Captain Beefheart 7"s "Abba Zaba/Yellow Brick Road", "Upon the My-o-my/I Got Love On My Mind" and "Plastic Factory", 3 different White Stripe 7" re-issues, all red vinyl, "Hotel Yorba (live)/Rated X (live)", "Fell In Love With A Girl/I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself", "Dead Leaves to Dirty Ground/Stop Breaking Down". The numbers after each one are the numbered pressed, at least that's what I've been told. I wasn't given numbers pressed for the White Stripe singles or the Link Wray, Gene Clark, and Captain Beefheart singles.

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