Saturday, July 6, 2013

New Viny, Tuesday, 7/9

   New vinyl for Tuesday, 7/9, will include:  Devo "Hardcore Vol. 2" (also ordered Vol. 1 but haven't gotten it yet, this is cool early stuff), Great Gatsby soundtrack, Bob Dylan "Blood On the Tracks" (Mobile Fidelity and 1 of my favorite Dylan lps), My Morning Jacket "Chocolate & Ice" EP (brown marble vinyl), Black Joe Lewis 10", Jimi Hendrix "Live at Monterey", Replacements "Tim" and "Songs For Slim", Chris Whitley "Living With the Law", The National "Boxer", Rush "Moving Pictures Live 2011", Roots "Things Fall Apart", Dr. Dre "Chronic", Snoop Dog "Doggystyle", Chic "Le Freak Live Budokan 1996" (if you like the dance stuff on the new Daft Punk this is where it came from and it's Bernard Edwards last performance), De La Soul "3 Feet High & Rising", Wu-Tang Clan "Enter the Wu-Tang Clan: 36 Chambers", D.R.I. 7" "Violent Pacification", Simon Joyner & Dennis Callaci "New Secrets", NIN "Ghosts I-IV" and "The Slip", Elephant Man soundtrack, Killers 12" picture disc "Spaceman", Cure "Disintegration", and special orders of Rush "Clockwork Angels" and Kurt Vile "Wakin On A Pretty Daze".

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