Friday, January 31, 2014

New Vinyl Tuesday 2/4

New vinyl arriving Tuesday, 2/4, will include: new Les Claypool's Duo D "Four Foot Shack", Albert Hammond Jr. 10" EP "AHJ" (from the Strokes), Broken Bells "After The Disco", Christopher Komeda "Rosemary's Baby" (original soundtrack), Bad Religion "No Control" (pink vinyl, 500 pressed), Rancid S/T lp (orange vinyl, 500 pressed), Cabaret Voltaire "The Covenant, The Sword, & the Arm", Civil Wars "Unplugged on VH1", Lucinda Williams S/T lp, Mogwai "Rave Tapes", Morrissey 7" picture disc "Satellite Of Love", Phoenix "Bankrupt!", Pink Fairies "Fuzz Freakout 1970-1971", Sharon Jones "Give The People What They Want", Stephen Malkmus & the Jicks "Wig Out At Jagbag", Tame Impala "Lonerism", Them Crooked Vultures S/T lp, Vampire Weekend "Modern Vampires Of The City", ZZ Top "La Futura" (coming to Pershing, and special orders of Aphex Twin "Richard D. James", Chuck Ragan "Feast or Famine", Forest Swords "Engravings", Frank Zappa "Uncle Meat" & "Roxy & Elsewhere", Imagine Dragons "Night Visions", Jason Isbell "Southeastern", snd Lana Del Rey "Paradise".

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