Saturday, January 30, 2016

New Vinyl Wednesday 2/3

   New vinyl arriving Wednesday, 2/3, will include: Chris Stapleton "Traveler", new Diiv "Is The Is Are" (avail. 2/5), "The Hateful Eight" soundtrack, Fugazi "In On The Kill Taker", Grateful Dead "Shrine Auditorium...", Grimes "Geidi Primes" (re-issue, avail. 2/5), Leon Bridges "Coming Home" & 10" "Louisiana Sun" (10" avail. 2/5),  new Lucinda Williams "Ghosts Of The Highway" (avail. 2/5), Nevermen S/T (violet vinyl, Mike Patton & guy from TV On The Radio), Sturgill Simpson "Metamodern Sounds In Country Music" & "High Top Mountain", "Jackie Brown" soundtrack, and special orders of C. Duncan "Architect", Elton John "Wonderful Crazy Night", Ex-Cult "Stick The Knife In" 7", Goggs "She Got Harder" 7", Kurt Vile "be'lieve i'm going down...", and Patrick Cowley "Muscle Up" soundtrack.

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