Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Black Friday Sale, Hours, More Titles

Lefty's will be opening at 7 in the morning on Black Friday and open til 6. Like Record Store Day there will be limited new releases available which I've been listing as they come in. Also I will have my usual sale on other merchandise: 20% off used vinyl, $4 lps will be $2, $1 cds, tapes, 8-tracks, dvds, magazines VHS, & books will be 5 for $1. 50 cent lps (back room floor) & singles (7", back room) will be 10 for $1. Other Black Friday titles that have come in include: Billy Idol "Live", Mouseketeers 10" pic disc, Cars 7" pic disc, Minor Victories, Johnny Winter Live, "Lone Survivor" soundtrack by Explosions In The Sky, Jungle Brothers, James Brown Funky People Pt. 3, Mad Parade, Collateral Damage (hardcore comp), Rolling Stones 10", Mark Van Hoen "Last Flower", Bob & Doug McKenzie 7", Gwar 7" pic disc, Isaac Hayes "Do Your Thing", Tav Falco 7", Beach Boys "Becoming The Beach Boys", Timothy Leary "Psychedelic...", Geto Boys 12" "Mind Playing Tricks", Dengue Fever 7", Yardbirds "Birdland", Anthrax 7", Wendy James 7". Have a happy turkey day!

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