Saturday, November 12, 2016

New Vinyl Wednesday 11/16 ( and a few RSD titles)

New vinyl arriving Wednesday, 11/16, will include: Beatles "Live At The Hollywood Bowl" (avail. 11/18), "Let It Be", "Revolver", "Rubber Soul", "Sgt. Peppers" & "White Album", Chris Stapleton "Traveller", Dean Ween Group "The Deaner Album" (avail. 11/18), Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein "Stranger Things Vol. 2" (avail. 11/18), Led Zeppelin "Houses Of The Holy", S/T, II, III, & IV, Leonard Cohen "Various Positions", Mike Watt "Ring Spiel Tour '95" (orange vinyl), Nathaniel Rateliff "A Little Something More..." (avail. 11/18), Nirvana "Nevrmind" & "Greatest Hits", Phish "Big Boat" (cloudy clear vinyl, avail. 11/18), Phoenix "Alphabetical", Soundgarden "Badmotorfinger" (avail. 11/18), Tori Amos "Boys For Pele" (deluxe, avail. 11/18), Vampire Weekend S/T, "Trainspotting" soundtrack (orange vinyl)and special orders of The Cult "Hidden City" & Sonic Youth "Murray Street" & "Sonic Nurse". Also some of the Black Friday titles I ordered are starting to come in. Available 11/25: Ben Folds 10" "In Concert", Blue Man Group "Three" (blue splatter vinyl), "Barbarella" soundtrack picture disc, Death Grips "Fashion Week", Disclosure 10" "Moog For Love" (clear), Dunjen "Haxan" (white), Dustin Kensrue (Thrice singer) 7" (red), Eric Church 10" "On The Rocks-Live", Frank Sinatra 7" "White Christmas" (white), Frank Zappa 7" "How Could I Be Such A Fool?" (colored vinyl), Gene Harris "Groovin' Hard Live 64-68", GONN "Time Travel" (green & yellow), Harry Nilsson "Popeye" soundtrack, In This Moment "A Star-Crossed Wasteland" (green/black splatter), Iron Maiden "Brave New World", Jaco Pastorious "Jaco" soundtrack, James Bay "Chaos And The Calm (Live)", Jerry Garcia "Reflections" (purple tie dye vinyl), "Chinatown" soundtrack, Jethro Tull 7" EP "Ring Out, Solstice Bells", Mutemath "Changes", Prophets Of Rage (members of Rage Against The Machine, Public Enemy & Cypress Hill) "The Party's Over" EP (red), Raconteurs 7" "Steady As She Goes" (colored vinyl), Ramones "Live At The Roxy '76", Sesame Street "Sesame Road" (Beatles & pop covers, colored vinyl), Shag Kava "Jabba Flow" 10" picture disc Star Wars, Soundgarden "Satanoscillatemym etallicsonatas" EP, Sugar Hill Gang/Chic split 7", The Vandals "Hollywood Potato Chip" (blue), "Calabar-Itu Road: Groovy Sounds From South Eastern Nigeria 72-82", "The Wonder Years" soundtrack (clear yellow)and 2 unofficial titles, Babes In Toyland "Redeux" (colored vinyl) & Die Antwoord "Mount Ninja & .... This is just 1 part of 1 order from 1 of my distributors, there will be more to come.

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