Saturday, March 30, 2019

New Vinyl Wednesday 4/3

New vinyl arriving Wednesday, 4/3, will include: Adam Franklin (Swervedriver) "I Could Sleep For A Thousand Years", Billie Eilish "When We Fall Asleep..." (yellow vinyl), David Bowie "Spying Through A Keyhole: Demos & Unreleased" (avail. 4/5, 4 X 7" box), Dick Dale "Checkered Flag" & "Surfer's Choice", Drums "Brutalism" (avail. 4/5, white vinyl), Eric Church "Carolina" (avail. 4/5, yellow vinyl), Faint "Egowerk", Kiss "KISSWORLD: Best Of", Swervedriver "Future Ruins", Townes Van Zandt "Delta Momma Blues", "For The Sake Of A Song" & "Sky Blue", and special orders of Murlocs "Manic Candid Episode" (avail. 4/5, neon orange vinyl) & "Climax" soundtrack. Also will be getting some Record Store Day titles which I will post later.

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