Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Record Store Day

More titles by these artists have arrived: Orbital, Woodstock, Yes, Benjamin Gibbard, Insides, Boy George, L7, XXXtenaction, Noel Gallagher, Bill Hicks, Santana, Violent Femmes, Matthew Sweet, Residents, Jeff Tweedy, Residents, Brian May, Doors, High On Fire, Sly & The Family Stone, Janis Joplin, Thrice, Bad Religion, Curren$y, Kristen Hersh, Soccer Mommy, Frank Black, Sublime, Lunz, Herbie Hancock, Lord Huron, Brother Theodore, Fela Kuti, Joe Strummer, Julien Baker, Moon Express, Stiv Bators, Dr. John, Cecil Taylor, Johnny Adams, Gorillaz, Blasters, Cheap Trick, Hawkwind, Wes Montgomery, CRB, Motorhead, RZA, Pink Floyd, Jeff Buckley, Bob Dylan, Bernard Purdie, Fuzzy Haskins, Lou Reed, Clapton, Devo, Ramones, Flaming Lips, and probably a few more I missed.

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