Tuesday, November 17, 2020

New Vinyl This Week

New vinyl arriving this week will include: Art Blakey "Roots & Herbs" (avail. 11/20, Tone Poet), Devo "Are We Not Men", Dirty Projectors "5EPS" (avail. 11/20, clear), Drive-By Truckers "A Blessing & A Curse", "Decoration Day", "The Dirty South", "Brighter Than Creation's Dark" & "The Fine Print" (all avail. 11/20, clear with splatter), Emmylou Harris "Wrecking Ball", Mary J Blige "My Life" (avail. 11/20), New Order "Be A Rebel" (avail. 11/20, new song, grey), Nick Cave "Idiot's Prayer..." (avail. 11/20), People Under The Stairs "O.S.T." (avail. 11/20), Southeast Of Saturn compilation (avail. 11/20), WAR On Drugs "LIVE DRUGS" (avail. 11/20, purple), Brandi Carlile "Firewatcher's Daughter", Coldplay "Parachutes" (avail. 11/20), Terje Rypdal "Conspiracy" (avail. 11/20), Sleep "Dopesmoker" (pic disc), They Might Be Giants "Flood", Autechre "Plus" (avail. 11/20), Kamaal Williams "Wu Hen" (avail. 11/20), Cabaret Voltaire "Shadow Of Fear" (avail. 11/20, purple), Dirty Knobs "Wreckless Abandon" (avail. 11/20), Iron Maiden "Night Of The Dead....Live" (avail. 11/20), & special orders of Leo Kottke/Mike Gordon "Noon" (avail. 11/20), Pink Floyd "Delicate Sound Of Thunder" (avail. 11/20) & Nick Lowe "Quality Street".

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