Tuesday, November 2, 2021

New Vinyl This Week

New vinyl arriving this week will include: Alabama Shakes "Sound & Color" (deluxe, color), Billy Idol "Happy Holidays" (avail. 11/5, white), Blondie "Yuletide Throwdown" (avail. 11/5, pink, 12"), Charles Mingus "Mingus" (avail. 11/05), Dave Chappelle "8:46", Dawes "North Hills" (red), Db's "I Thought Wanted To Know: 78-81", Fela Kuti "London Scene" (avail. 11/05, blue/red/white), Marissa Nadler "The Path Of The Clouds" (silver), Motorhead "Everything Louder Forever: Best Of", Primus "Green Naugahyde" (avail. 11/5, green), Stephen Trask "Hedwig & The Angry Inch" (original cast), Steve Earle "Townes: The Basics" & "Ghosts Of West Virginia" (avail. 11/5, color), Ty Segall "Harmonizer", Type O Negative "October Rust", Various: It's A Good Good Feeling: The Latin Soul Of Fania" (avail. 11/5), Ed Sheeran "=", Hayes Caril "You Get It All". Radiohead "Kid a Mnesia" (avail. 11/5), Mr. Bungle "Night They Came Home" (avail. 11/5, color), Abba "Voyage" (avail. 11/5).

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