Tuesday, August 2, 2022

New Vinyl This Week & Lefty's closing

New vinyl arriving this week will include: David Bowie "1. Outside", "Black Tie White Noise", "Earthling", "'hours", "The Buddha Of Surburbia" & "Toy" (all avail. 8/5), Primus "Conspiranoid" (avail. 8/5, white vinyl), Mavis Staples/Levon Helm "Carry Me Home" (avail. 8/5), Jack White "Entering Heaven Alive", Ty Segall "Hello Hi", Brian Jonestown Massacre "Fire Doesn't Grow On Trees" and special orders of Helios Creed "Busting Through The Van Allen Belt" (avail. 8/5), The Cat's Miaow "Songs 94-98", Deutsche Elektronische Musik 2 (avail. 8/5), Bonnie Raitt "Just Like That", Fela Kuti "Roforfo Fight". Lefty's Records will be closing at the end of August as I will be retiring. Thank you all for the support over the last 11 years.

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